A future founding forum, rising from the ashes.

The late urbanist Jane Jacobs once said, that “new ideas need old buildings”... At Stokers, we’ve embraced this philosophy and so alongside this history, we’ve built out the space, the room, the community and the privacy you need to perform at your best.

Rising from the ashes

Stokers is a history-filled hall in the middle of a remarkable urban development, a place for people that share an impassioned desire to build and grow. Revived, energised and yet full of charm, this “’t Groen Kwartier” area is a hidden gem in Berchem, Antwerp. Once a military hospital for veterans, the facility now is home to hundreds of families and businesses, who’ve all found fertile ground here.

The boiler room, referred to by locals as “stookplaats”, originally fired up the furnaces to pump steam through an ingenious system of underground corridors and piping, spreading constant warmth throughout the hospital wards.

As the entire neighbourhood transformed into an internationally acclaimed landmark, Stokers also underwent a complete conversion - though due to ambitious plans and multiple architectural challenges, the construction has taken several years. The façade of the main building has been completely restored with strong attention

and respect to detail. The interior itself features an entirely new structure devised to meet the needs and expectations of today’s entrepreneurs.

Founder André Duval couldn’t be more thrilled: “The boiler room was built to distribute steam, Stokers is designed to breathe new life into businesses and spark many opportunities for our guests.”

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